Potion Permit Game Walkthrough And Guide 2024

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Potion Permit Game Walkthrough And Guide: Suppose you are also a player who likes to play strange games. In that case, this article is probably for you because today, we will talk about a game that has become popular recently and is based on a slightly different strategy that would be fun to play. This game is known as Potion Permit.

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Thus, you must know about the basic details of the game such as the Walkthrough And Guide Related To the Potion Permit Game which will prove helpful for you in starting and progressing the game. Make sure that you will read this article till the end so that you do not miss any important details.

About Potion Permit Game 

Potion Permit is a game where a user has to play the role of an alchemist. He is sent by the government to a town named Moonbury, where a mayor, his daughter, and the town forks are battling a mysterious illness. Now the task of a user is to go to the town and collect the ingredients from there and using his own creativity and strategy, create a potion that can be given to all those patients so that this mysterious illness can be eradicated.

Apart from this, there are many different modes in the game that users will like to play. So let’s move ahead where you will get to know How To Start The Potion Permit Game and How To Progress During This Game. However, let’s mainly cover all the details about the Potion Permit Game Walkthrough & Guide.

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Potion Permit Walkthrough

When a user accesses the game, he will initially see his appearance in a quaint town suffering from various ailments. The player’s objective is to treat the patients suffering from a mysterious illness in a town named Moonbury and investigate the mayor and his daughter to find an antidote to a mysterious illness and that is why the character in the game has been given the role of an alchemist.

As an alchemist, your mission is to concoct a potion that can bring hope to the sick people of Moonbury. You have to explore the entire countryside find the ingredients set up your clinic and prepare the potion with the help of the ingredients to give to the patient so that the cure for the mysterious illness can be found as soon as possible.

Guide For Potion Permit Game

Potion Permit Game Walkthrough And Guide
Potion Permit Game Walkthrough And Guide

There are certain activities that a user needs to carry out during his gameplay. They have to go through a lot of procedures to bring their role into action such as exploration, quest, hunting, and solving clues. Below are some of the guides, with the help of which, one can easily indulge in the game and gain further progression.

Meeting The People Of Moonbury

Since you are present in the town, almost all the people of the town are suffering from a unique and mysterious illness, so you have to meet the people of the town and talk to the other people about the source of the particular illness. Although in the game you will be welcomed by the mayor of the town and his wife, other people will have suspicious eyes on you

The reason behind their suspicious eye on you is the story, as the story says that a chemist was behind this serious issue and so, no other chemist can be trusted to hope, hence it becomes necessary for you to talk to the people there and introduce your capabilities of curing such illness you’re your strategic move. 

Stepping Out For Ingredients

To collect ingredients and prepare an effective potion, you will need to continue your exploration journey in the meadow range outside of town Moonbury where you will meet a forest ranger. There you will have to use your strategy to find and collect your ingredients but without interacting much with anyone because the locals of Moonbury have already lost hope due to a chemist.

Gathering Ingredients

While exploring the forest, you will have to find some ingredients that can actually turn the hope of the people of Moonbury into reality that effectively can contribute to the mysterious illness.

You will have to collect some effective ingredients like Basil, Jasmine, and Daisies. You can use your tools like a sickle, axe, or hammer so that you can get specific ingredients from the plants present in the forest. 

Apart from this, your tools will also help you in chopping trees and smashing stones. Moreover, these tools will help you in your path if face the monsters and creatures that inhabit the wilderness.

Brewing Potions

Finally, after obtaining the ingredients, you have to return to Moonbury Town and start preparing the Potion using your strategy. The special thing in this game is that you have to fill this potion in a puzzle-like grid that can neither be overlapped nor left empty.

Unlock New Areas

The users are required to unlock some other areas to gather ingredients so they may progress in the game

Clinical Upgrades

As mentioned earlier, Clinical Upgrade is a feature in the game due to which, a user can upgrade the medical equipment and tools so the treatment can be carried out effectively and efficiently.

Along with all such activities, a player is required to perform some more activities like potion selling, resource gathering, teleportation, ingredients management, and recipe saving to progress in the game easily. 

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Conclusion: Potion Permit Game Walkthrough And Guide

So here is the detailed overview regarding the Walkthrough And Guide Of the Potion Permit Game. A player has to go through multiple activities to develop progression in the game. Overall, as a chemist, you have to face various challenges from inspection to curation. You need a broad shoulder to meet the hope of the Mulberry Townsfolk.

Just make them satisfy and heal the mysterious illness as soon as possible. Hopefully, Potion Permit’s Walkthrough And Guide must have helped you to go through the game. Make sure to be connected to get more game-related content.

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